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The Home Team film is a short documentary about Atlanta’s historic English Avenue and Vine City neighborhoods highlighting the lives of a few longtime residents.

While once middle-class black neighborhoods thriving in the Civil Rights era, the last fifty years have seen the neighborhoods steadily decline.  Formerly the childhood home to former Mayor Maynard Jackson and the final residential home to Martin Luther King, Jr., Vine City is truly a historic place in the City of Atlanta.  With a fraction of the population that once lived there, these neighborhoods have borne the brunt of the heroin, crack and opioid epidemics and have been systematically ignored by the city.

As the Super Bowl comes to Atlanta in January 2019 — the culmination of billions of dollars invested in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium — this film shines a light on a subject much more in need of attention than football: the glaring inequity highlighted by this “state-of-the-art” venue across from a historic neighborhood whose demise we’ve allowed for decades. We — Atlanta — have let the neighborhood where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. lived and worked become an eyesore of the city, the birthplace of the Civil Rights movement. This film explores the culture that saw fit to invest hundreds of millions of public dollars in a sports venue while neglecting the people and community full of potential just across the street.


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There’s refrains of jobs, affordable housing, but it’s taken a while for certain things to get traction outside of stadium workers — people working on the stadium through Westside Works.



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